The Steven & Virginie Series
"... they are, hands down, the absolute best instructional videos I've ever seen. They have everything -- technique, repertoire (aka 'moves'), great production values -- editing, lighting, sound -- and dancing from Steven & Virginie that will make you drop down gasping. If you're at all on the fence about these DVDs, don't even hesitate. You'll love them."
              -- Brody   (Ed Broderick, Wallingford, CT) about the Dancing the Blues 2-DVD set
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Jazz Series Vol. 1:   Goin' to Church with Steven -- 2-DVD Set!
Steven teaches his two very popular jazz routines from 2005 and 2006, "Satisfied by Jesus" and "Take It to Jesus". The first routine was taught over 4 classes at Swing Out New Hampshire 2006; the second routine was taught at 2005 San Diego Workshop. Detailed instruction and detailing, plus demonstrations and class performances.   (Length: 2 hr, 15 min)
DVD Vol. S-01

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Jazz Series Vol. 2:   Gitup Off that Thang!
This tribute to the "Godfather of Soul" is an energetic routine capturing moods of the 1960's and set to Brown's classic song. Instruction by Steven with detailed breakdown of steps and numerous demonstrations of the routine. Filmed at Viva! Dance Studio (Strongsville, OH) and Swing Out New Hampshire 2007.   (1 DVD - Length: 80 min)
DVD Vol. V-01

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Movement Series Vol. 1:   Dance Movement Technique with Virginie -- 2-DVD Set
The understanding of body movement and isolations needed to take your dancing to the next level, whether it's lindy hop or any other kind of dance. Two DVD's contain detailed instruction as well as energetic live class material guaranteed to get your heart pumping.   (Length: 2 hr, 33 min)
DVD Vol. V-01

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Movement Series Vol. 2:   Spin & Turn Technique with Virginie -- 2-DVD Set
Instruction and exercises to give beginning dancers the basics of spinning, and advanced dancers the tools by which they may improve their execution and technique, as well as add several new variations to their repertoire. Leaders and followers alike will benefit from the two DVD's of solo spin instruction and practice, plus a section of partnered spins and turns.   (Length: 1 hr, 47 min)
DVD Vol. V-01

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Volume 5:   BLUES! (encore) -- 2-DVD Set!
Continuation of Steven & Virginie's popular set Dancing the Blues (Volume 3, below), this two-DVD set contains over 2.5 hours of all new instruction (from basics to advanced), blues movement exercises, and demos. Filmed in blues workshops in Seattle and Chicago. (Length: 2 hr, 31 min)
DVD Vol. SV-05

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Volume 4:   On Fire in Rochester 2006
From the Rochester 2006 Lindy Hop weekend workshop (new material). Includes actual class video clips and demos for five lindy hop classes, including a one class accompanied by Peter Davis and Lindy Hop Heaven, a blues and a swingwalk class.   Bonus: See Virginie on fire!   (Length: 1 hr, 20 min)
Lindy Hop

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Volume 3:   Dancing the Blues -- 2-DVD Set!
Over 2 hours of basics-to-advanced classes to build a vocabulary of moves for slow dancing. Filmed at the St. Louis 2006 Cheap Thrills All-Blues Weekend with material taught by Steven & Virginie during seven hours of blues classes.
Including: Movement for blues, basic, intermediate, and advanced steps; character blues and musicality. Workshop instruction and numerous demonstrations by Steven and Virginie.   (Length: 2 hr, 5 min)
DVD Vol. 3

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Volume 2:   Rochester 2005 -- Swingout Basics
It all begins here. The movement and connection needed for the most important lindy hop step. Includes warm-up and movement, swingout basics, waltz movement & weight transfer, going beyond the swingout.   (Length: 1 hr, 5 min)
DVD Vol. 2

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Volume 1:   Rochester 2005 -- Workshop Review

Workshop instruction, plus demonstration and nighttime dancing clips of Steven and Virginie.
Including: Lindy hop (beginner/intermediate through advanced steps), Charleston, blues, swingwalk, musicality, and jamming with Peter Davis and Lindy Hop Heaven.  
    Note for blues fans: This DVD has a short (5:45) blues segment which contains moves not on the "Dancing the Blues" DVD below, including a cool demo by Steven & Virginie. There is also an additional clip of Steven & Virginie doing a late-night blues dance! (Length: 1 hr, 13 min)

DVD Vol. 1

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